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Company advantage

Years of experience, good at multi-field electronic circuit design, with rich experience in design analysis.


New pricing system, minimum 50 yuan/model for double panel


Advanced equipment, combination of modern and traditional craftsmanship


The on-time delivery rate of expedited boards is 100%, and regular boards are shipped within 2 days


Provide customers with high-quality, efficient, punctual and convenient services.


The plates are all made of Jiantao A-grade and Guoji A-grade materials.

After sales

Positive attitude, high-quality service and good after-sales.

Why choose us?

Years of experience, good at multi-field electronic circuit design, with rich experience in design analysis.

Since its establishment in 2010, the company has many years of experience in PCB board production and market service, and has an excellent reputation.

The sample factory and the batch factory are divided into production, regular samples will be delivered in 3 days, batches will be delivered in 5 days, and the on-time delivery rate of expedited boards is as high as 100%.

Production of single-double, four-, six-, and eight-layer board samples of various specifications, types, and difficulty, as well as small, medium, and large-scale products.

Specially launched 8H, 12H, 24H single and double-sided expedited; 24H, 48H four-layer board expedited; 48H, 72H, 96H small batch expedited.

The advanced information-based order management platform enables "PCB, steel mesh, SMT, components" to place orders on the same network, and provides customers with simple and efficient PCBA services.

The introduction of advanced automated production equipment: LDI, CCD, text printers, etc., has obtained ISO9001, UL, CQC and other domestic and foreign quality system certification.

How are we different from our peers?

Years of experience, good at multi-field electronic circuit design, with rich experience in design analysis.

Save labor costs from the source company, and solve your needs for PCB multilayer boards in one stop.


Has a professional process team of more than 20 people and a maintenance quality system of more than 30 people.


With more than 200 employees, the monthly production capacity of 4-32 layers of circuit boards reaches 8,000 square meters.


If there is any quality problem when the product arrives, the customer will be compensated for the loss according to the regulations.


The products have passed GJB9001C, UL certification, CE, MIN standards and other product certifications in an all-round way.


The company has an experienced quotation reception team, 3-second response to quotation consultation, and one-to-one docking service.


Why can do better than others?

Years of experience, good at multi-field electronic circuit design, with rich experience in design analysis.

Shenzhen Jingke Yulong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of single, double-sided, multi-layer boards, high-precision boards, aluminum-based, copper-based, and various metal-based special boards. It has 300 employees and a workshop of 8,000 square meters. The production capacity is 20,000 square meters. The company has a series of advanced production equipment such as automatic copper sinking and slag removal-tudian-etching line, LDI circuit solder mask exposure machine, text jet printing machine, etc. It is committed to high-precision PCB samples and supporting advanced equipment for rapid production of small and medium batches , cultivated an efficient team specializing in PCB production, and improved the management system from market development, engineering design, processing and manufacturing, quality assurance, and after-sales service. The company promises to customers "to provide customers with the most satisfactory service with high quality and speed", and fully implement the ISO9000 management system. Our products include: single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer boards, high-frequency high-speed boards, aluminum-based, copper-based, various metal-based (core) boards, high TG thick copper boards, mixed dielectric boards, special substrates and customized various Specific requirements; including some special materials and special boards with ultra-high requirements. Mass production boards range from double-sided to 24-layer, and specific types include medium and high Tg boards, thick copper boards, high-frequency boards, ultra-thin and ultra-thick boards, halogen-free boards, etc.; special processes such as half-hole, impedance, gold finger, blind gong, sinking Head holes, etc.; surface treatment can be ordinary spray tin, lead-free spray tin, immersion gold, electro-nickel gold, electro-hard gold, OSP, immersion silver, immersion tin or composite selection process, etc.; products are widely used in intelligent electronics, communications Technology, power technology, industrial control, security engineering, automotive industry, medical control, military industry, science and education, aerospace and optoelectronic engineering and many other high-tech fields. The company's products have been exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States from the inland, and have been well received by customers in the fierce market competition, and the order volume has been increasing year by year. At the same time, we actively respond to the national call of "energy saving and emission reduction" and continuously improve our efficiency. We always adhere to the market demand as the guide and technological innovation as the advantage to provide customers with high-quality, efficient, punctual and convenient services; we will always adhere to the Integrity cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy, join hands with our customers and partners to create a better tomorrow!