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Xiaomi smart home PCB circuit board customization case
Release date:2022-06-27

We have cooperated with Jingke Yulon Electronics for nearly two years. The quality of the intelligent equipment PCB circuit boards of Jingke Yulon Electronics fully meets our quality requirements. The quality of the manufacturers we cooperated with has always been average, which greatly increased the difficulty of our work. , Since the cooperation with Jinbeike Electronics, we have saved a lot of energy in the product work, and our products are also highly praised by customers, and the quality of Jingke Yulon products reassures us.

Shenzhen Jingke Yulong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer specializing in PCB circuit boards. It is committed to the research and development, production and sales of 2-60-layer high-precision PCB circuit boards and special circuit boards. It is specially designed for domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises and scientific research. unit service. Jingke Yulon products cover power supply, medical equipment, industrial control, communications, automotive electronics, security electronics, LED lighting and display screens, consumer electronics and other fields, and the products are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries.