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Huawei 5G Communication Multilayer Circuit Board Customization Case
Release date:2022-06-27

With its own industry experience, Jingke Yulon has obtained the opportunity to cooperate with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. 5G communication multi-layer circuit board customization. Jingke Yulon Electronics has introduced good production equipment on the circuit, and has a complete quality management system, which can meet Huawei's requirements. At the request of Technology Co., Ltd., Jingke Yulon Electronics and Huawei have reached a long-term cooperative relationship for 5G communication PCB multilayer board customization, and Jingke Yulon Electronics has also entered Huawei's business ecosystem.

Shenzhen Jingke Yulong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a domestic multi-layer manufacturer dedicated to 4-64 layers of high-precision proofing and mass production. At the same time, it also provides hdi blind and buried hole boards, Rogers high-frequency boards, and rigid-flex board products. Domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises and scientific research units services.