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Three major elements, teach you to choose the right Shenzhen single and double-sided PCB board production supplier
Release date:2022-05-28

As everyone in the industry knows, the production and production requirements of PCB boards are very strict. From the selection of materials to the final quality inspection, it is necessary to go through layers of checks to ensure high-quality shipments. For customers, if the quality can be guaranteed, why not choose it? Therefore, it is also crucial to choose a good PCB board supplier. So how should Shenzhen single and double-sided PCB board production suppliers be effectively selected?

First, look at the process technology

"Invisible precision makes visible precision". If there are delaminations, insufficient copper holes, and solder mask peeling on the single and double boards of the PCB, it means that the quality is not good and it is a bad product. Only by using exquisite craftsmanship can the PCB board be free of delamination, uniform hole copper and no oil drop, and ensure the quality of the board.

Second, look at the delivery date

If the delivery is delayed, can it give a reasonable solution? Generally speaking, PCB board production suppliers with guaranteed delivery time are relatively large-scale and have independently operated factories for production to improve production efficiency. For example, Shenzhen Jingke Yulong, whose model factory and batch factory are operated independently, can carry out classified production at the same time, which can increase production capacity and ensure delivery time.

Third, look at the service system

If single- and double-sided PCB board manufacturers can continuously upgrade automation equipment, improve manufacturing efficiency, but also enhance the ability of customized production, and highly coordinate production and market demand, it means that their service system is relatively complete, and they can continuously optimize service methods and strengthen Customer experience is worth choosing.

In view of the above three aspects, I believe it should not be difficult to answer the question of "how to effectively select Shenzhen single- and double-sided PCB board production suppliers", right?