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What are the methods for thermal design of PCB circuit boards?
Release date:2022-07-19

In PCB production, thermal design is a very important part, which will directly affect the quality and performance of the PCB circuit board. The purpose of thermal design is to take appropriate measures and methods to reduce the temperature of the components and the temperature of the PCB board, so that the system can work normally at a suitable temperature. So, what are the methods for thermal design of PCB circuit boards?

1. Heat dissipation through the PCB itself.

The best way to solve the heat dissipation is to improve the heat dissipation capacity of the PCB itself that is in direct contact with the heating element, and conduct or dissipate it through the PCB board.

2. Add radiator and heat-conducting plate to high-heating device.

When there are a few devices in the PCB that generate less than 3 heat, a radiator or heat pipe can be added to the heat-generating device to enhance the heat dissipation effect. When the number of heating elements is more than 3, a large heat dissipation cover (plate) can be used, and the heat dissipation cover is buckled on the surface of the element as a whole, and is in contact with each element to dissipate heat.

3. Adopting reasonable wiring design to achieve heat dissipation, increasing the residual rate of copper foil and increasing thermal vias are the main means of heat dissipation.

4. When connecting high heat dissipation devices with the substrate, the thermal resistance between them should be reduced as much as possible.

5. In the horizontal direction, the high-power devices are arranged as close to the edge of the printed board as possible to shorten the heat transfer path; in the vertical direction, the high-power devices are arranged as close as possible to the top of the printed board to reduce the influence of these devices on the temperature of other devices .

6. The heat dissipation of the printed board in the equipment mainly depends on the air flow, so the air flow path should be studied in the design, and the device should be reasonably configured.

7. Devices that are more sensitive to temperature are best placed in the area with the lowest temperature, such as the bottom of the board.

8. The hot spots should be distributed evenly on the PCB as much as possible to keep the temperature performance of the PCB surface uniform and consistent.

The above is the method of thermal design of PCB circuit board, I hope it will help you.